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As astonishing as this sounds, in less than 5 minutes you can have a website for your event live on the internet.

The amazing EventWebsiteBuilder technology enables you to quickly build your own professional website, complete with email, pictures, newsletters and much, much more in just a few short minutes.

The secret to this earth shattering technology is an incredibly powerful, yet simple software interface.

This interface is so easy to use, over 172,000 websites have already been built using it. Most of these sites were built by people who have little internet experience and some by people who have such limited computer experience they only knew how to use their mouse.


• Festivals
• Parades
• Mainstreet Celebrations
• Golf Events
• Trade Shows
• Concerts
• Corporate Retreats
• Galas
• Conventions
• Youth Activities
• And Any Other Event!
 “Most people don’t truly understand the value they’re getting. It would cost thousands to get a site that performs to the same level. EventWebsiteBuilder is a true bargain!” - Wendy Lau, Graphic Designer

With EventWebsiteBuilder You're Only Limited By Your Imagination!

Your website is totally customizable!

• You can decide to have as many or as few pages as you want.

Adding images is hassle free and only requires a simple click of your mouse.

Easily add cool features like links and email or advanced features like newsletters, polls, shopping carts and ecommerce.

• Your EventWebsiteBuilder site is so easy to use you will always be able to stay one step ahead of the competition. You can change your site’s features, sales, products and pricing in SECONDS!

Entering text directly onto your website is as easy as typing a letter. Your EventWebsiteBuilder site includes two text editing tools, one of which looks just like MS Word with all the buttons and commands you already love to use.

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 “My staff laughed when I told them I was going to make our website myself, but
you should have seen their faces when it was done
- Gerod Floyd, Entrepreneur

So Easy,
You Can Do It!

You know you need a website for your event but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for it. That is exactly why EventWebsiteBuilder was developed and is perfect for you. EventWebsiteBuilder has taken the most powerful technologies on the internet and combined them to make a super website building tool.

EventWebsiteBuilder is the most powerful and easy to use website building system anywhere. It is so perfect that it comes with an unconditional 100% no risk guarantee.

Dare To Compare

You’ve seen websites like EventWebsiteBuilder sites offered by professional designers and programmers. They cost between $2,500 and $15,000. They are usually designed on EventWebsiteBuilder-like software that is exclusive to the design industry.

The problem is that once you get your site, you are stuck with a site that is outdating itself everyday it's online. Since you don’t want to be held hostage by a designer’s high update fees, you need a way to update your site by yourself.

EventWebsiteBuilder is the only solution that allows you to have a professional designer-quality website and at the same time gives you the ability to easily update it whenever you require.

A Website For Your Event!

Your Customers Expect One!
Your customers expect you to be online. 2 years ago a website was a luxury, now it is a necessity that shows you're a serious professional.

Your Competitors Are Online!
Your competitors are online and if you are not, you are missing out on the power of the internet and losing sales to your competitors.

You're Always Open For Business!
Your customers want to do business with you when it is convenient for them, let them get info and buy from you when they are ready, right off your website.

Your Customers Need Info!
The number one reason why consumers will go online is to get more info for future purchases. You have to provide this before your competitors do.

Your Customers Need Directions!
If your customers travel to your business, you need to provide a map and directions for them to find you.

Your Customers Are Guessing!
Don’t make customers guess when you are open.

Your Customers Expect Support!
Provide online help, manuals and documentation to support the products and services you provide.

For A 10 Day Free Trial

"After 6 months and $1,500 working with a Major Bank Ecommerce solution, I did better by myself in a one weekend @ a savings of 80% a year! I am now working on 2 more sites!!" - Kevin Lake

UNCONDITIONAL 100% No Risk Guarantee

EventWebsiteBuilder goes well beyond a simple money back guarantee. You are Guaranteed 100% Unconditional Satisfaction with your EventWebsiteBuilder website.

TAKE A WHOLE MONTH and try EventWebsiteBuilder for yourself. If it is not for you, all you have to do is request a refund and one will be provided immediately – no questions asked. To get you started you even get a 10 DAY FREE TRIAL to test it out yourself!

Includes Thousands Of Dollars Of Vital Website Features
With Every Site!

• Visitor Auto-Responders
Give your visitors the info they want when they want it. Auto-responders send your visitors info immediately after they request it on your site.

• Visitor Feedback Forms
Feedback forms allow you to collect visitor info or give your visitors a way to request info from you.

• Customer Newsletters
This great tool gives you the ability to publish your own email newsletter just like the big sites do.

• Subscriber Management
Never worry about spam; all newsletter requests go into an opt in system which confirms subscription.

• Catalogs
If you have a product you sell either offline or online, show it off in your site’s catalog section.

• Shopping Cart
Let your site run on autopilot. The shopping cart feature is perfect for any business that sells online.

• Ecommerce
Have your customers pay online or submit their order so you can process it manually in your store.

• Order Tracking
Don’t ever lose track of a sale. All orders are emailed directly to you and then tracked on your site.

• Secure Server Certificates
Your site’s transactions are secure and protected with secure certificates that protect customer info.

• Search Engine Registration
Once your site is done, EventWebsiteBuilder will register it with the search engines so the world can find you.

• Business Email
Send email with your site name in the address. Avoid the embarrassment of free services (hotmail.com, yahoo.com.) that scream “amateur."

• Your Own Domain Name
Pick the website name and internet address for your site. Increase your pro look and get your own name (www.yourname.com) and transfer it to your site.

• Website Membership
Allow staff, clients or a membership base into a private “members only” areas of your site.

• Photo Albums
Show off pictures of your work, business, products and team, professionally in an online photo album.

• Maps
Give your visitors a map to your office or event.

• Links Page
Provide as many links as you want to other sites you think your visitors would find valuable.

• Contact Us Page
Tell your visitors how to get a hold of you and your team.

• About Us Page
Tell your visitors who you are and why they should do business with you.

• Online Coupons
Promote online sales or drive online traffic to your offline store with website coupons.

• Message Boards
Communicate with your visitors, customers, staff and friends with full featured message boards.

• Polls/Survey
Always know what your customers are thinking with your own custom online polls.

• Guest Book
Give your visitors a place to share their comments about your site with this great guest book feature.

• Press Releases
Publish and share good news in one central organized area. This is a favorite of the media!

• Quotes Page
Show off the great things your customers have to say about you. Give new customers a reason to buy.

• Customizable Web Pages
You can have virtually any other web page you need added to your site with the easy to use layouts!

Hear What People
Just Like You Have To Say

“I don’t know why everyone does not do it this way. EventWebsiteBuilder websites are great and very effective.”
- Garfield McCormick,
Website Usability Expert

I never knew how easy it could be to get a website!”
- Darryl Lavelle,
Aircraft Mechanic

The websites are idiot-proof. I just entered my text, picked my features and my site was done. No problem!”
- Janet Nixon, Accountant
“With the money I saved using EventWebsiteBuilder, I can now invest in marketing my site.”
– Robert Lazaro,
Audio Retailer

“EventWebsiteBuilder is probably the best kept secret on the internet!”
- Ryan Sharp, Salesman
“Great service, great product, great people, great price. You guys are more than a service, you’re a part of my team.”
– Kevin Lawrence,
Business Coach

Full Time Support

EventWebsiteBuilder wants to ensure you get the website you have always dreamed of.

If you ever have a question, you have the comfort of knowing that a certified EventWebsiteBuilder designer will be immediately dispatched to help you with your site. This designer is there to support you in any way you require.

Your event needs a website and EventWebsiteBuilder wants to ensure it gets one. That is why there is always an EasyEventWebsites Support team behind you ready to help if you ever need it - FREE!

No where else on the internet does anyone dare to make this offer.

Try It Now, You Have Nothing To Lose!

You get EventWebsiteBuilder's FREE 10 Day Trial, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee AND EventWebsiteBuilder's Online Success Guarantee which includes Free Online Support to help you finish your site.

This is an amazing deal and an opportunity that you should not pass up. You know your event needs a website, it's time to get one.


The following is all that's required to successfully build an EventWebsiteBuilder site:

• Personal Computer
• Color Monitor
• Internet Connection

Internet Browser
(Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape)
• Mouse
• Keyboard

Success Checklist

Yes Easy
Free Trial
Free Support

Yes Fun
Full Featured

Your EventWebsiteBuilder website contains everything you need to be successful online.


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